Friday, January 13, 2017

How can it be January?

It seems impossible, but there you go--its January!  We are nearly half a year into Second Grade!  We've had some really exciting things happening to include a new Side X Side program!  What is Side X Side, you say?  Side X Side provides comprehensive arts integration, allowing artists to work "side by side" with our students.  Students are able to work on hands on projects while building lasting connections between education and the arts.

Our first Side X Side unit began this January.  Author, poet, illustrator, and musician Stephen Constanza joined us for our project kick off and shortly thereafter we had our first session.  During this unit students will be listening to music, specifically Vivaldi's concerto, the Four Seasons, and creating their own poetry and illustration based on the music.  In the first session students began to listen to the concerto and discussed how the music made them feel, while relating it to a poem.  Students acted out the poem, to the music, playing various instruments including violin and cello.

Students can't wait for our next session where we will begin painting to music!

Click HERE to learn more about Stephen Constanza!

Mrs. Southard's class learning the violin and cello parts to the Four Seasons

Adelynn, from Mrs. Southard's class, took the job of violist very seriously

Shukri, from Mrs. Southard's class, our cellist

The violinists in Mrs. Southard's Class in coordination with Vivaldi's music

Stephen, directing Mrs. Southard's class concerto

Mrs. Harrison's classroom community, creating collages

Steve teaching Mrs. Lyons' students about tissue paper artwork